Aftermarket 2D/3D Search App for Leading B2B Commerce Platforms

Partable delivers a high-performance part search during the B2B aftermarket buying process. Users are able to identify, select, and purchase parts via interactive 3D models, 2D exploded view images, BOM navigation and serial number search.


Partable enhances the aftermarket part search to create an exceptional customer experience

Search for a part using Serial Number of a Product
2D & 3D Asset Management
Enable hotspots on the existing 2D exploded view drawings:
Advanced Search Techniques including Elastic Search
View BOM explosions built on 3D CAD Models
Secure user authentication
Access to advanced 3D visual search capabilities
ERP integration for additional Product Information
API based data ingestion and client application integration
eCommerce CTAs: Add to cart, Order Template, Request Quote, & Compare Products
Template-based data preparation

Partable is a cloud-based solution that provides interactive aftermarket product search and visualization leveraging existing engineering data.

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